Fairytale tour for children

Fairytale tour for 3–9 years old Children. Only in Czech language.

Fairytale tour with Princess Anička

An interactive tour catering to children and carried carried out by a guide dressed as a princess, who takes visitors to the state rooms in the first tour route, in which children guess well-known fairy tales hidden in each room. Visitors can sing along with Princess Anna. The tour ends with a small exhibition full of princesses and kings, which presents the history and development of clothing.

Wandering for the Castle elves

During this tour catering to families with small children, visitors walk through 9 state rooms.. House-elves and dwarves have moved in almost everywhere. Kind and wicked, old and young, and even a pixie girl. They have set up house in different corners of the chateau. The leprechaun Plivník lives in the fire, Diblík behind a chair, the goblin in the trash bin, and he dwarf Parádnice will also certainly be adored.<br>

Pets and animals of noble Lords

A tour for families with children takes visitors into the private rooms of the second tour route, where the guide in a fairy costume will tell interesting stories from the common history of humans and animals. For example, what animals kings had in their menagerie, why the Mníšek baron liked dogs or how the children of the chateau raised little tree frogs.

Magic cellar

Visit to two of the cellars, in which 13 large fairytale puppets related to the history of chateau and its surroundings are presentes. The devil guards the fourth tower, the angel recalls the founder of the castle, the water goblin lives in a big pond, and Rusalka has her own lake in the castle garden.

Basic information

  • max. 25 people

Opening hours

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Fairytale tour

  • Full 145 CZK
  • Children 0-3 years free
  • Children 3-15 years 80 CZK
  • Seniors 65+ 135 CZK
  • ISIC or EYCA Cards 135 CZK
  • ZTP/P Guide free
  • Journalist with press accreditation free

reservation needed