Private Rooms of the last owners

The route features the interiors in which the last owners of the chateau lived during the First Republic.

It includes six rooms and a loo, which are furnished with antique furniture, as well as with modern conveniences. You will see the Ladies and Gents bedroom, residential bathroom, children's room with toys, a guest room for a lady with a baby and the 'white bathroom'. The facilities include telephones, radios, phonograph, a hair dryer, bathes and a spa heater and many everyday objects.

Basic information

  • duration 30 minutes
  • max. 20 people

Opening hours

Period Days Hours
19. 5.–19. 5. Sun 11.30–15.30
20. 5. (Mon) closed
21. 5.–24. 5. Tue–Fri 11.30–15.30
25. 5.–26. 5. Sat–Sun 11.30–15.30
27. 5. (Mon) closed
28. 5.–31. 5. Tue–Fri 11.30–15.30


reservation needed for groups only